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The emerging new agricultural industry lacks access to traditional lending and capital sources due to a variety of factors. In 2016, the partners formed AgriCascadia to address this problem. The firm focuses on sourcing and vetting investment opportunities in specific parts of the value chain, leveraging our network’s domain expertise to augment our due diligence and deal execution, and delivering our portfolio companies access to capital, business planning, and comprehensive compliance solutions.

AgriCascadia Team

The management team at AgriCascadia has over 80 years of combined experience in a variety of business and financial management roles – enterprise formation, C-level management, corporate finance, real estate development, public relations, commodities trading, team building, board governance, etc. In combination with AgriCascadia’s panel of proven industry operators, the firm offers substantial operating advantages to portfolio companies.


Bill Kelly

Managing Partner

Bill is a successful entrepreneur with experience in enterprise formation, fundraising, teambuilding, strategy, and product marketing. He was co-founder of Sapient Health Network (WebMD),, and ReelDx. He currently sits on boards in the healthcare, education, and insurance industries. Bill has been an active investor and advisor to the industry for the past year. He is a graduate of Harvard Business School.


Tom Boyd


Tom has spent his career as a commodities and currency trader, making markets and trading in several forms on three different continents. He was CFO and principal of a futures commission merchant in San Francisco, then created a financial services practice in Hong Kong that spanned Asia, Africa, and Europe. He has an extensive network of operators in California. Tom is a graduate of Pomona College.

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To speak to a representative of AgriCascadia LLC or AgriCascadia Fund I, please email, or call Bill Kelly at 503-539-1987

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